Watch "Chemistry" here

Watch "Chemistry" here

Slam Poetry



I calculate the girls you date

And look for patterns in their physical properties.

I periodically fill with jealousy. You balance my equation.

On occasion I'm sure I've caught your eye

Or, fine, maybe you caught mine: all I know is I've got my ion you.


Incandescent adolescents, we're transitioning all the time like true metals.

And I deserve a medal

Because I am way out of my element.

So I propose an experiment.


I'm no prophetess, but my hypothesis states, with confidence,

That the most stable state we could create would be to date. On top of this,

If we were to become monogamous? Our love: bottomless. 

Shit--you and I? We'd be synonymous with prominence

Finishing each other's sentences as the center of gravity

Shifts to revolve around just us.


You know, I thought I had you down to a science

But when you sign it's CO too much for me to handle

And even Avogadro couldn't hold a candle

To how much you matter to me.


I know I can be negative

But maybe--just maybe-- I think I'm your electron

Because I know I can go on and on about you.

I'm stuck in a cyclical, cynical spin

Because you draw me so far in

But as near as I get, I never get as close as I'd like to.

And maybe-- just maybe-- I think you're my proton

Because my mind is somehow still spinning and you're at the center of it all.


By now I've learned that salty tears are only a solution in chemistry

But, boy, our bond is far beyond banal pleasantry

So come on: sit next to me.